Review: C. Crane Ferrite Antenna

Review: C. Crane Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna
by Jeffrey Reed, Editor,

As a youngster, I fell in love with radio – it’s what launched my career in journalism. Whether I was conversing with local CB Radio operators, or tuning in distant AM radio stations from the American Midwest or Eastern Seaboard, radio became a permanent part of my life.

Living in Southwestern Ontario, and in particular now that I’m living on rural property, tuning into some of my favourite stations including WCBS 880AM New York, WBBM 780AM Chicago and, to a less-difficult degree, WJR 760AM Detroit, can be a challenge. Daytime receiving is sometimes impossible for the two former stations, and even pulling in WJR during late-night listening can be troubled by drifting.

My favourite radio electronics company, C. Crane, headquartered in Fortuna, Calif., has a perfect solution: the Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna, by C. Crane.

If you first glance at this twin coil ferrite kit and become overwhelmed, then don’t: it may look like a lot of moving parts, but in fact nothing could be simpler than using this kit to strengthen the receiving of your favourite AM commercial radio stations.

What’s In The Box

Here’s a list of what’s included in C. Crane’s Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna kit:

1. 1″ piece of hook and loop fastener for ferrite stick
2. RCA female patch cord to two bare wire ends
3. Ferrite stick
4. 1/8″ mono to RCA connector patch cord
5. AC 9V adapter
6. Tuner control
7. 5′ PS2 connection cable
8. Antenna element
9. Mounting screws

The kit (MSRP $199.99 US) can be partnered with a 50’ installation kit and antenna coupler (MSRP $34.99 US) for remote use extending to a more distant window or even for use outdoors. You’ll need a separate Twin Foil Ferrite AM Antenna Coupler from C. Crane (MSRP $8.99 US) for use with the 50’ extension wire.

Easy To Operate

Unpacking the parts for use is a very simple, quick process. After installing the battery in the tuner control, connect the AC adapter into the same tuner control box. Then, attach one end of the 5’ PS2 cable to the jack labeled, To Antenna, on the back of the tuner control unit. The other end of the PS2 cable plugs into the jack on the antenna element labeled, To Control Box.

There’s more than one way to start tuning in more distant stations on your portable radio. If your radio does not have antenna connectors, then you’ll use the included patch cord with the 1/8” x RCA male connector. Insert the RCA plug into the ferrite stick, and insert the other end of the patch cord into the jack labeled, To Radio, on the tuner control. Then, simply place the ferrite stick on top of the radio near the centre, and tune using the tuner control (which should rest a few feet away from the radio). There’s both a coarse tune and fine tune control for best reception. Move the ferrite stick to find the sweet spot for best reception.

I used this option with my C. Crane CCRadio 2E portable AM/FM/2-Metre/WX Receiver and it performed very well. I was able to tune into all three of the American stations listed above – without the Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna, I was not able to pick up stations in New York or Boston. Putting the kit to the test after dark, drift was a thing of the past: all three stations came in loud and clear.

You can also directly connect the ferrite AM antenna to a radio with AM and ground receptacles by using the included 1/8” mono x RCA control patch cord to the RCA female patch cord to two bare wire ends.

Alternatively, if you have a loop-type antenna connected to your radio, then place the ferrite stick on top of the loop at the base.

If you’re serious about reception and have the 50’ installation kit, then you can mount the antenna element outdoors for best reception. Note: any outdoor installation comes with added precautions because of lightning protection – for you and your radio.

The C. Crane Twin Foil Ferrite AM Antenna is now a part of my radio shack. I have found that by placing my radio in an ideal location for best reception, it helps the ferrite antenna perform to its maximum ability. The kit looks clean in my shack blends in with my other radio equipment and accessories.

Want to pull in more stations and better reception of every station you listen to in your own home? I recommend the C. Crane Twin Foil Ferrite AM Antenna. It’s reasonably priced and provides a good bang for your buck.

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C. Crane Twin Foil Ferrite AM Antenna – General Specifications
Size Tuner: 3.25″ W x 4.25″ H x 1.25″ D
Antenna: 8.5″ W x 2.5″ H x 1.25″D
Weight Tuner: 4.5 ozs.
Antenna: 8.5 ozs.
AC Power AC Adapter (Included): 9V, 100 mA, center tip negative, 2.1 mm tip
DC Power 9 V Battery (Not Included)
Power Consumption 11 mA
Gain -37 dBm /vm
Output Impedance: <50 Ohms
AM Antenna Single ferrite element with twin coil
Input Jacks Tuner: 2.1 mm jack for AC adapter
PS2 jack for connecting cable to antenna element
Output Jacks Antenna: PS2 jack for connecting cable to tuner
Tuner: 1/8″ jack for connecting patch cord to radio
Warranty 60 day satisfaction guarantee
1 year warranty parts & labor

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