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by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, LondonOntarioSports.com

With December’s arrival around the corner, many of us have begun to compile a list of resolutions for 2017. Yet read any poll or survey, and you’ll learn that less than 10 per cent of us will actually keep those resolutions.

A GoBankingRates 2016 survey found that enjoying life to the fullest, living a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, saving more and spending less, sending more time with family and friends, and paying down doubt are the most popular resolutions. But in regards to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, any loyal fitness club member knows that January will see an influx of newbies, many of whom will abandon the cardio equipment, weights and classes within a few months.

Lieja Koeman. Photo: Steven Martin.

Lieja Koeman. Photo: Steven Martin.

In its list of reasons why people don’t stick to resolutions, Shape Magazine cites: going it alone; extremely lofty resolutions; giving up too easily; time management; financial burden; unrealistic resolutions; no plan; lack of honesty; wrong perspective; and not believing in yourself.

None of those excuses are part of Lieja Koeman’s vocabulary. A two-time Olympic shot put finalist (2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens) for her native Netherlands, Koeman now lives in London with her two daughters, Julia, 10, and Jenna, 7. She’s a Lululemon ambassador, and co-owner of two REV3K gyms in London where she offers her Biggest Loser weight loss program, responsible for bettering the lives of more than 500 clients.

“Biggest Loser is a 13-week program and a lifestyle changer,” Koeman explained. “We address everything we need to in order to change someone’s life. For example, we work with a dietician. We’re making (clients) work out, but we also address things such as the emotional side of eating. We want people to lose weight, but we also want them to sustain it.”

A life-long learner, Koeman has keenly watched how her Biggest Loser program has transformed lives, and implements those life lessons into the program as it matures. There are endless weight loss promises – especially in January following the Christmas holidays – but Koeman seems to have discovered the key to offering a successful program.

Lieja Koeman. Photo: Steven Martin.

Lieja Koeman. Photo: Steven Martin.

“We’ve created a non-judgemental atmosphere in which everyone is welcomed. Everyone takes care of each other,” she said.

Koeman, who just turned 40, was recently recognized as one of Business London Magazine’s 20 Under Forty winners, each of whom are high achievers who inspire others and give back to the community, whether that be in their career or through volunteerism.

“I never thought this is what I’d be doing,” said Koeman of her career path. “It was always about getting the best out of myself. That’s how I’m driven in my business, too. Just give it your all every day.”

Spend a half hour chatting with Koeman about fitness, and you would be a fool not to recognize her passion for helping others. With poor diet and lack of exercise a one-two punch for disaster, the success of her Biggest Loser program is helping to make a difference in her adopted community.

Koeman leads by example, too. You want to talk about driven? When recently asked by The London Free Press whether or not she is an early riser or night owl, Koeman replied, “Both.”

Not all of us can rise at 4 a.m. each day like Koeman does in order to start motivating others in a gym at 6 a.m. But we can all take away an important point from her lifestyle, and that is, lead a passionate life and the rest will fall into place.

It may not take the entire weight of the world off your shoulders, but it will keep you from falling face first off the treadmill of life.

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