Radio Communications

Review: C. Crane Ferrite Antenna

Review: C. Crane Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, As a youngster, I fell in love with radio – it’s what launched my career in journalism. Whether I was conversing with local CB Radio operators, or tuning in distant AM radio stations from the American Midwest or Eastern Seaboard, radio became […]

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Review: CCRadio-2E AM/FM/Ham/Weather Radio

            Electronics Review: C.Crane CCRadio-2E AM/FM/HAM/WX Radio by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, Long before I pursued a career in broadcast journalism, I was a radio junkie. As a pre-teen, and well past my bedtime, I began tuning into Major League Baseball games broadcast from mega stations throughout the Northeast and […]

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From The Vault: CB Radio Feature

CB Radio, Walkie Talkies, by Jeffrey Reed Originally Published September 2011 Popular Communications Without a doubt, we live in a communications-mad society – and why not? The evolution of the electronics age has put instant communications in the hands of everyone from tech-savvy tiny tots to seniors who have caught the bug for innovative gizmos. Everything from […]

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