Radio Communications

Review: CCRadio-2E AM/FM/Ham/Weather Radio

            Electronics Review: C.Crane CCRadio-2E AM/FM/HAM/WX Radio by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, Long before I pursued a career in broadcast journalism, I was a radio junkie. As a pre-teen, and well past my bedtime, I began tuning into Major League Baseball games broadcast from mega stations throughout the Northeast and […]

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From The Vault: CB Radio Feature

CB Radio, Walkie Talkies, by Jeffrey Reed Originally Published September 2011 Popular Communications Without a doubt, we live in a communications-mad society – and why not? The evolution of the electronics age has put instant communications in the hands of everyone from tech-savvy tiny tots to seniors who have caught the bug for innovative gizmos. Everything from […]

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From The Vault: London Amateur Radio Club

London Amateur Radio Club, by Jeffrey Reed Originally Published by The Londoner November 28, 2013 In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, perhaps the most severe typhoon ever, Philippine Amateur Radio volunteers provided communication support for government and relief agencies, as well as rescue and recovery officials. In fact, at some points during the devastation and cleanup, […]

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