COVID-19: Alarming Stats From Fitness Industry

From Fitness Forum, London: Some industry data from the fitness club industry for those interested. In a worldwide survey, results from 2,500 clubs showed as of April 1/20: – 2/3’s of brick & mortar clubs had closed, 1/3 remained open – Of closed clubs, 57% had frozen membership and 43% continued billing – of the […]

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GoodLife Fitness Celebrates 40th Anniversary

LONDON,ON- Throughout the past few decades, we’ve seen the fitness industry expand and evolve into a business empire. We’ve seen the rise of fitness trends, the fusion of technology into our workout equipment and the introduction of specific classes that provide an intense workout for all ages and skill levels. David “Patch” Patchell-Evans, founder and […]

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Driller Turned Fitness Executive Flexing Entrepreneurial Muscles

                    by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, Londoner Ethan Williams didn’t need a gym membership to keep in shape while working as a driller in Saskatchewan and across Ontario. But that didn’t stop the 26-year-old Ingersoll native from questioning the traditional fitness club membership structure, and eventually […]

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