Driller Turned Fitness Executive Flexing Entrepreneurial Muscles

                    by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, Londoner Ethan Williams didn’t need a gym membership to keep in shape while working as a driller in Saskatchewan and across Ontario. But that didn’t stop the 26-year-old Ingersoll native from questioning the traditional fitness club membership structure, and eventually […]

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Fitness Forum: Canada’s Top Club

Advertorials Fitness Forum: Canada’s Top Club by Jeffrey Reed Personal Training Serious fitness training dates back to the ancient Greeks who trained for the Olympic Games. And although there are no documents to prove it, there’s a good chance those highly-skilled athletes trained with some sort of support team. Today, everyone can improve their quality […]

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Fitness Forum Changing Lives For More Than 30 Years

Advertorial Fitness Forum Changing Lives For More Than 30 Years by Jeffrey Reed Thirty-three years of success in any industry is much reason to celebrate, but thriving during more than three decades in the fitness industry is a monumental achievement. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2015, Fitness Forum opened the doors to its 39,000-square-foot facility […]

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