Lawn Bowling

End Of Line For Fairmont Lawn Bowling

            by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, When the Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club opened in east London in 1915, it was one of the only leisure clubs in town, and it boasted more than 200 members. More than a century later, the club and its 43 members are marking the end […]

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Lawn Bowling In London

                  Elmwood Lawn Bowling Club, 17 Edward Street, 519/438-5695 Lambeth Lawn Bowling Club, 4326 Colonel Talbot Road,  519/652-3958 * 100th Anniversary 1917-2017 Thistle Bowling Club, 25 Beaufort Street, 519/438-1936 Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club, 1414 Dundas Street, 519/453-1100 Lawn Summer Nights

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