Mount Brydges Bulldogish On Bulldogs

                by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, From Vancouver, B.C. to St. John’s, Nfld., no Canadian commonality defines us more than minor hockey, in particular how small-town communities embrace the game and their teams. In Mount Brydges, that connection between community and rink is stronger than ever, thanks to […]

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Devilettes Tourney Matches Record Numbers

This weekend’s 28th Annual London Devilettes Hockey Tournament involves 183 girls and women’s teams, matching the record participation of 2017. About 3,000 players ages 7 to 21, from novice to intermediate levels, are calling Western Fair Sports Centre home this weekend. The Devilettes are enjoying their 32nd season and boast 800 players ages 5 to 21 […]

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Study Finds Post-Concussion Brain Changes Linger Longer

Post-concussion brain changes persist even after pre-teen hockey players return to play Young hockey players who have suffered concussions may still show changes in the white matter of the brain months after being cleared to return to play, researchers at Western University have found through sophisticated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques. The study (http:​//neurology.​org/lookup/doi/10.​1212/WNL.​0000000000004669​), published […]

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