New Digs For London Gymnastics Academy

            by Jeffrey Reed, Editor, When the London Gymnastics Academy moves into its new digs this summer at 3392 Bateman Trail, it will do more than just offer its 1,300 gymnasts and cheerleaders a state-of-the-art facility. In fact, according to co-owner and former gymnast Jen Kraemer, the $4.5-million, 25,000-sq.-ft. […]

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CheerStrike Royals Cheerleading

The CheerStrike Royals competitive cheerleading program is dedicated to building character in its athletes by fostering a positive learning environment, which encourages self-motivation, hard work, respect, and personal as well as team achievements. CheerStrike’s┬ásincere goal is to create champions on and off the cheer floor through providing the opportunity to learn and practice persistence, responsibility […]

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Power Cheer Gym Vipers

Power Cheer Gym is the official training site for the largest collection of university and college-aged cheerleaders in Canada. Gym own and Western coach ‘Trace’ Tracey also coaches the Western Mustangs, who won their 29th national title at the Collegiate Nationals in December 2014, as well as the National Team Canada Co-Ed program at the […]

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